2018 ESPN College
Basketball Rebrand

While March Madness gets all the headlines, college basketball fans know that it’s madness all season long. From the Cameron Crazies to the Zou Crew, their passion is only matched by their creativity. For inspiration for ESPN’s College Basketball package, we looked to the stands and found no shortage. With hand painted signs and giant cutout heads, the student sections are a pure expression of fandom. We set out to harness that exuberance and variety, giving ESPN a graphic language that could live and expand for years to come.

Role: Art Director / Designer


Studio: Troika
Art Director: Mike Arcangeli
Lead Designers: Adrienne Wollman, Mike Arcangeli
Designer: Omer Avarkan
Animators: Brian Hwang, Jun Kim, Dakota Hopkins, Andrew Parris

Producer: Ben Nelson

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles