Evil Has A Name

The identity of the Golden State Killer had been a mystery for decades; his acts of violence across California puzzling professional and amateur detectives alike. But in April 2018, the killer was finally identfied and apprehended, closing one of the most haunting cold cases of the century.

We partnered with Audible to create the key art and launch campaign promoting their original series that detailed the harrowing saga of the GSK. Through a mix of bold typography and 3D simulations, we sought to express the ever-evolving nature of the investiagation, and how a collection of clues from over four decades could come together to tell the story of evil.

Role: Art Director

Social Assets

Two words: Paul. Holes.

A certified icon among true crime fans, Paul Holes was instrumental in the identification and arrest of the Golden State Killer. We were lucky enough to have him walk us through his investigative process and give us a first person look at where the GSK committed his crimes. These interviews became the foundation for a series of social posts that gave audiences unique insights into the tactics and trademarks of the notorious serial killer.


Studio: We Are Royale
Art Director: Mike Arcangeli
Lead Designer: Adrienne Wollman
Animators: Miro Klasinc, Roy Kang, Eric Ramin
3D Sim: Bryan Coleman

Director of Photography: Joel Voelker
Producer: Liz Lipka

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles