Impact Winter

After working with Audible on many true-crime projects, Impact Winter was our first foray into narrative fiction. As an original story created exclusively for the audio streamer, it was up to us to create the entire look and feel of the world and characters. After rewatching some favorite vampire flicks, we dove headfirst into the darkness to create the key art, trailer and numerous social teasers. At the end of it all, the lesson learned: when in doubt, add more blood.

Role: Art Director

Written In Blood

When you’re working with vampires, there’s really no reason not to use blood sims at every turn (except for render time). So when it came time to showcase some of the most memorable lines from the series, we just HAD to carve them into ice and have them gradually fill with blood runnning down from icy veins.

Frozen Totems

Rather than putting a face to every name in the story, we wanted to leave more to the audience’s imagination; so we selected totems to represent a selection of characters, frozen inside jagged pieces of ice.


Studio: We Are Royale
Art Director: Mike Arcangeli
Designers: Farbod Khoshtinat, Matt Barretto, Eric Ramin, Angelica Baini, Mariia Menshikova, Josh Childers, Manuel Martin,
Animators: Miro Klasinc, Roy Kang, Eric Ramin
3D Sim: Bryan Coleman

Director of Photography: Joel Voelker
Producer: Liz Lipka

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles