Launch Campaign

When Square Enix came to us for help with the launch of their brutal new game Outriders, we couldn’t help but feel that there was something very “metal” about it. Maybe it the Devastator’s ability to impale enemies with a spike that explodes from the ground – but we can’t be sure. With multiple CG trailers already out in the market, we were tasked with creating a story-driven trailer that would stand apart stylistically. Enter: immensely talented illustrators.

Client: Square Enix
Role: Art Director

Hero Illustrations

Campaign Design

We were also tasked with creating a design language that could support all of the launch marketing needs. Inspired by the painterly style of the illustrated trailer, we used bold typograhpy and aggressive brushstrokes to create a flexible graphic system.

Senior Art Director: Mike Arcangeli
Associate Art Director: Eleena Bakarie
3D Supervisor: Matt Guzzardo
Character Anim Supervisor: Pat Clarke
Comp Supervisor: Omid Ensafi
Illustrators: Tomas Duchek, Axel Saulwald, Claudio Pillia, Mark Lingvall
Storyboard Artist: Matt Fuller
Animators: Dylan Casano, Aaron Fisher, Soomin Park, Pat Clarke, Adam Floeck
Compositors: Omid Ensafi, Jason Heinze, Siobhan Lo, Scott Crawford, Kyle Brown, Fergus Dieu, Foram Jani
Designers: Nick Ford, Mike Arcangeli
Editor: Isaac Ruth
Writers: John Chuldenko, Mike Arcangeli
Producer: Liz Lipka
Produced: We Are Royale 

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles